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Services | Employee Communication

Communicating Benefits to Your Most Valued Assets.

Retaining experienced, valuable employees is key to the success of any organization. An important tool in the retention of your workforce is clearly communicating and emphasizing the value of employer-provided benefits. Atéssa partners with you to create personalized communications that educate participants effectively on the value of their benefit plans.

Our employee communication services include:

  • Summary Plan Descriptions (SPDs)
  • Brochures
  • Benefit Statements
  • Election forms
  • Surveys
  • Retirement meetings


Your Message Conveyed Clearly.

Our customized benefits statements describe current benefit levels and inform participants of their progress toward their financial goals. We also lead employee meetings to discuss the benefits clients offer to their staff. Employees have the opportunity to get answers to their questions and gain a greater understanding of their benefits. Atéssa will ensure that participants really understand your program.

Our Commitment:

  • Provide comprehensive support for both active employees and retirees
  • Educate plan participants in clear, understandable terminology
  • Effectively manage perception of benefit plan changes
  • Provide access to professional and courteous call center staff
  • Maximize employee engagement
  • Retain your most valuable assets