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Strategy, Support, & Analysis of Your Retirement Plans

The cost and complexity of employee benefit plans can place a significant burden on corporate resources. Our clients value the quality of our actuarial services at costs lower than large consulting firms.

Our highly skilled actuarial staff develops strategies to help you minimize risk and manage costs of your retirement plans. Supported by state-of-the-art tools, our predictive modeling capabilities help you make decisions to reinforce strategic business objectives.

Our comprehensive actuarial services include:

  • Qualified and non-qualified plan design
  • Funding and accounting valuations
  • Non-discrimination testing
  • Cash flow and expense forecasting
  • Plan termination analysis and management
  • Accounting for post retirement and termination benefits other than pensions
  • M&A due diligence
  • Union negotiation support
  • Government filings


Tailored to the Unique Goals of Your Business.

At Atéssa we work with you to understand your goals and explore the best options. The costs and complexities of employee benefit plans can create a significant burden on internal corporate resources. By partnering with you we provide a comprehensive solution to ensure that benefit programs are designed, installed, valued correctly, and communicated clearly.

Our commitment:

  • Create and manage retirement programs that help our clients achieve maximum value
  • Evaluate client plans, funding policies, and strategies and explain any foreseeable problems
  • Assist clients in meeting governmental reporting requirements
  • Provide clients with information required for financial accounting
  • Inform clients of legislative, industry or workforce changes
  • Communicate plan details to decision-makers and employees using concise, comprehensible, and clear language

If you’re looking for a solution to meet your company’s individual benefit program needs, please contact us to learn how Atéssa can help.