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Plan Participants

Benefits Can be Confusing and Overwhelming

You probably have lots of questions about your benefits. You’ll find the answers to many of your questions here. And if not, there are two ways to get those questions answered quickly for you:

Call our team at 888.673.3690 or visit your My Atéssa Benefits portal.

Benefit Payments and Subsidies:

When do the checks get mailed out?
Checks are payable each month and are typically mailed to a defined schedule for your benefit plan.

Statements and Invoices:

There’s an error on my statement. What do I do now?
If you find an error on your benefit statement, please call us immediately at the number above. We’ll be able to confirm the error and rectify it.

Managing My Account:

How can I change my contact information?
Either over the phone, in writing, or online via the My Atéssa Benefits Portal

Can I change my beneficiary?
It depends… the plan type, and whether you’ve commenced benefit payments will determine your ability to change beneficiaries. We can answer specific questions about your plan over the phone or via the My Atéssa Benefits Portal.

How do I retrieve my account information?
Call us! We’re here 7:00am – 4:30pm PT to answer any questions about your account.

Plan Details:

Who is the medical/life insurance provider?
The details of your plan providers are included in your annual participant packet. Please call us at Atéssa if you haven’t received your packet for the current year.