August 21, 2012 Webinar: MAP-ping Out Your Pension Plan’s Future2018-07-03T00:18:37+00:00

MAP-ping Out Your Pension Plan’s Future:

How Funding Relief (MAP-21) Affects Your Plan Financially

Date Recorded: August 21, 2012

Webinar Detail: Lead Actuary Matt Avery, FSA, EA, MAAA discusses the effects that new regulation MAP-21 has on existing pension plans.  The webinar covers the following:

  • Funding relief that MAP-21 will bring;
  • Increases to PBGC premiums in 2013 and beyond;
  • A case study on how these changes will affect a sample pension plans’ contributions, financial statements, and funding ratio over the next several years; and finally,
  • Ways that plan sponsors can take advantage of the new rules in the long term.