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6 Ways for HR Professionals to Relieve Stress

As an HR professional, the list of potential stressors can seems endless. From being available to all company employees, managing crises and staying educated on the latest trends, there comes a point when time to reflect and recharge is vital. Depending on the time of the year, the burdens put upon the HR department can [...]

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9 Key Items for Plan Sponsors to Consider When Reviewing Service Provider Disclosures Provided Under ERISA 408(b)(2)

On or before July 1, 2012, plan sponsors should have received disclosures from all covered service providers to the plan of the costs of services, direct and indirect compensation, and fiduciary status. Responsible plan fiduciaries are obligated to ensure provided disclosures are complete and in compliance with Regulation 2550.408.b-2(c). In making a determination of completeness, [...]

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Retirement Plan Benchmarking: An Apples to Apples Approach

Defined contribution and defined benefit plans are extremely complex, which has led to an industry devoted solely to administering and ensuring the proper compliance of these plans. As a general rule, the more customized a plan becomes, the more expensive it becomes to administer. And to be clear, there’s nothing wrong with having a highly customizable [...]

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How does the new Pension Law Affect the Timing of DB Plan Terminations?

New legislation, Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century Act ("MAP-21"), has provisions affecting defined benefit (“DB”) pension plans. Plan sponsors who want to terminate their DB plans want their plan assets to be about equal to their plan liabilities on a termination basis (e.g. insurance company annuity or PGC lump sum). This way [...]

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In retirement it’s in our lives, our families, and our friendships.

Even more than money, family relationships are fundamental to a successful (i.e., enjoyable, fulfilling) retirement. Think about it: would you rather spend your older years pinching pennies but enjoying a great marriage, with loving and mutually supporting relationships with your children, frequent interactions with grandchildren, and happy connections with extended family – or would you [...]

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Your Employees Need Your Help Now

Most companies want to see a predictable and stable retirement of their older employees in order to facilitate growth opportunities for younger and more technologically advanced employees. That is one of the main reasons why companies sponsor 401(k) plans. But, based on the findings below, this is not going to happen. If employees can't afford [...]

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Do you have the right actuary?

You know you’re not getting the value you deserve when your actuary: 1. Is not available immediately when you need them. If the person that you report to wants an answer now, you need an actuary who will give you advice immediately. If you are in union negotiations, you need answers immediately. 2. Doesn't give [...]

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